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17 October 2022 - 21 October 2022
Budapest, Hungary
European leadership and digital game-changers of the manufacturing industry

Read about projects of Your interest in the field of ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs and get funded. Project representatives will be there on 19 October 2022 - let's meet them!

  • AI Regio: The AI REGIO project aims at filling three major gaps currently preventing AI-driven DIHs from implementing fully effective digital transformation pathways for their Manufacturing SMEs: at policy level the Regional vs. EU gap; at technological level the Digital Manufacturing vs. Innovation Collaboration Platform gap; at business level the Innovative AI (Industry 5.0) vs Industry 4.0 gap.
    Apply NOW until the 9th of September to the AI Regio 2nd Open Call. As a single SME or in consortia of SME, DIH, and/or ICT solution provider you can receive up to EUR 100.000 funding for the innovative #AI integration to your manufacturing process.

  • Vojext: Under the vision of Value Of Joint EXperimentation (VOJEXT) in digital technologies, the VOJEXT project encourages producers and SMEs to adopt cognitive autonomous systems for human-robot interaction and dynamizes science-driven industry approaches engaging human and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) in the same loop; thus amplifying the cognitive capabilities needed to achieve more effective sociotechnical and business ecosystems. To this end, VOJEXT designs, develops, and demonstrates cost-effective, market-oriented, agile, multipurpose, and easy-to-repurpose autonomous, mobile and dexterous robotic systems as the main component of a smart, agile, and scalable cognitive cyber-physical system for industry.
    Vojext has finished its Open Call. https://vojext.eu/

  • Kitt4SME: KITT4SME delivers a modularly customisable digital platform that can seamlessly introduce artificial intelligence in their production systems. The project ensures that the kits are widely distributed to a wide audience of SMEs and midcaps in Europe. What is more, the seamless adoption of the kits is facilitated with the use of factory systems like ERP, as well as IoT sensors and wearable devices, robots, and other factory data sources. Kitt4SME has an Open Call for small teams (min.2 max.3 entities) consisting of at least 1 Solution Provider having a mature AI solution for the manufacturing industry and at least 1 Manufacturing End User operating in discrete manufacturing. By participating you can earn up to EUR 200k per consortia. Total budget of the call is EUR 1,5 million. To integrate your AI solution to the KITT4SME platform and demonstrate it in the shop floor of the manufacturing end user is what is expected. You can submit your application by 6th of September 2022 on 17:00 CEST.

  • DIH-World: DIH-World is empowering Digital Innovation Hubs, one of the engines of the SMEs digital transformation, providing access to harmonized tools, proven technologies, effective methodologies, solid knowledge, smart investment sources, rich training assets, and an environment of continuous innovation.

  • Pulsate: The EU-funded PULSATE project intends to mitigate these barriers to boost the adoption of LBAAM technologies by SMEs and promote the development of SME-friendly laser-based equipment and solutions. To achieve this, it will set up a Europe-wide network to encourage SME participation in LBAAM innovation. It will therefore connect digital innovation hubs to support a structure designed to tackle the issues currently hindering LBAAM technology adoption. The project’s work will help to increase the competitiveness of European SMEs.

  • DigitBrain: The project is an EU innovation program to give SMEs easy access to digital twin technology. The Digital Brain will constitute an evolution of the concept of digital twin, expanding it to a smart entity, by empowering it with analysis and decision support capabilities, allowing the agile adaptation and evolution of industrial products.

  • Change2Twin: Change2Twin is a European project, which helps manufacturing SMEs in their digitalization efforts to deploy digital twins. The concept of digital twin is one of the big game-changers in manufacturing and allows companies to significantly increase their global competitiveness. Therefore, Change2Twin offers manufacturing SMEs a tailor-made solution reaching from analysis of their potential, individual mentoring plan to ready-to-use recipe for digital twin deployment.
    Change2Twin has an Open Call, and by winning you will take part in a 2-month support programme and will receive: Up to 10,000 Euro as a lump sum to use with a certified DIH of your choice and get a thorough analysis of your digitalization potential. 3 ready-to-use “recipes” for implementation containing the list of potential digital twin technologies fitting the use case and details of an integrator willing to implement them. Deadline for submission: 30th of September 2022 at 17:00 CEST.

  • Better Factory: Manufacturing companies (SMEs and Mid-caps), Artists and Technology Suppliers are awaited in the framework of the Better Factory initiative, funded under the H2020 programme. Better Factory aims to help European manufacturers become more competitive in the global market by providing up to EUR 200,000 funding to develop and deploy collaborative intra-factory experiments. Manufacturing companies will discover new business models and digitise their factories to match the production of new or personalised products, thanks to the collaboration with Artists and Technology Suppliers during the lifetime of the Better Factory project and beyond.
    Call deadlines: open from 1 September 2022 until 15 November 2022.
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